Welcome to my little plot on the world wide web!
I'm a visual designer with 8 years of experience in the marketing industry, in both agency and in-house capacities. In both environments, I was a key member to award-winning teams. I am trained to work in print, digital media, social media, environmental design, web development, and television. Currently, I am undergoing specialized training in UX design.
As a creative, I'm known to think well both inside and outside the box. I'm quick at learning new processes, techniques, and software. After a very short learning curve, I require little to no supervision. I also work very well in a team environment. I am disciplined and always looking to improve.
In all the companies I have worked for, I have been consistently acknowledged for my ability to work with grace under pressure. I pride myself in always delivering on every deadline no matter how difficult the circumstances. I build strong relationships through compassion and consideration. This results in projects that are executed in a cost-effective, timely, and accurate manner, contributing to the long-term success of a company. I am a motivated self-starter and always looking for ways to contribute to the efficiency and improvement of any company I work for.