According to the internet there are about 7.6 billion people in the world right now. In short... A TON OF PEOPLE. But there exists a unique "I" and a unique "you".
In the movie Shall We Dance, Susan Saradon's character delivered this beautiful line: Out of the billions in the world "your life will not go unnoticed because I will notice it. Your life will not go unwitnessed because I will be your witness." 
The sad truth about life is that the world has existed before us and will continue long after we are gone. And no matter how big of a mark we leave in the world, at some point in the future, we are lucky if we are even kept as a footnote in history. 
So cherish the people in your life that love you. They are the ones willing to sit in the front row seats to the stage that is your existence. For what point is existence if it goes unnoticed?
Some background to this project: I was in a long distance relationship for a bit. My partner and I often travelled, sometimes together and other times apart. There were also times when we would meet up at a completely different country from where either of us were living. Many of these pictures are from those days of traveling around.

Zurich. Population 400 thousand. #FindMe

Tbilisi. Population 1.5 million. #FindMe

The Andean Mountains. Population 85 million. #FindMe

Brooklyn. Population 2.6 million. #FindMe

Paris. Population 2.2 million. #FindMe

Boston. Population 670 thousand. #FindMe

Citi Field. Capacity 41,922. #FindMe

Midtown Manhattan. Population 391 million. #FindMe

New Hampshire. Population 1.34 million. #FindMe

Portland, ME. Population 67 thousand. #FindMe

Tokyo. Population 127 million. #FindMe

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