The Maverick billboard plays on the word "Maverick", an unbranded bull (and the university's mascot). During the first year of operation, the marketing department labeled that year as the year of fundamentals, a time to really think about the identity of the university and define it before telling its story. 
The cover of the undergraduate viewbook has a soft-touch coating with a gloss spot varnish on the "O". The soft-touch dulls out the areas outside the "O" to give it more emphasis. 
Custom icons used in the viewbook and other materials within the same campaign.
Travelling viewbook and admittance pamphlet.
Detail of admittance booklet.
Detail of travelling viewbook.
The main color of UNO is black. Black is an incredibly hard color to deal with and comes with all sorts of problems. One is being prone to fingerprints. Considering that the commencement book will be held by anyone between the ages 3 and 90, it had to be fingerprint-proof. I specified this project on uncoated paper which absorbs oil rather than gather it on its surface. Since it's black I didn't have to worry about stains from dirty fingers. To give the cover some life and texture, I had the text printed as a clear raised spot UV coating.
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